2017 President’s Message

President’s Message
December, 2017

Hello everyone ~ For those of you who do not know me, my name is Patty Blair and I am the President of Toy Fox Terrier Rescue (TFTR). As I write this message, many of us are preparing for the holidays, closing out 2017 and turning the calendar to 2018. While 2017 has been a great year for some and a tough year for others, I hope that most of us are ready to bring in 2018 and receive all of the changes and opportunities that are available to us with the beginning of a new year. TFTR is just like you – 2017 has seen some growth, changes, and challenges, while 2018 gives us an opportunity to improve our operations and missions.

Here are a few of our activities in 2017:
• Created and sold our calendars for 2018 – still on sale now;
• Held our annual on-line auction in early November, spearheaded by board member, Leslie, with help from other board members;
• Developed our logo – new clothing coming soon;
• Held our annual Halloween costume contest – with the winner shown on the October page of our calendar;
• Had a coloring book illustrated for us by a good friend of TFTR, Kimberly Dalton – on sale now;
• Formed an alliance with Molly’s Closet, an on-line store with proceeds going to TFTR, as envisioned by TFTR friend Debra Peretti in memory of her Molly, and managed by board member, Linda;
• Initiated a state coordinator system to help spread the work load. Under the guidance of fellow board member, Amanda, we will implement our plans with the state coordinators and TFTR volunteers;
• Held a raffle at the ATFTC’s National Specialty in Topeka, KS in August with board members Patty and Dianne;
• Formed an alliance with DART (Delta Animal Rescue and Transport) – managed by board member, Linda, to help us transport TFTs to their new, forever homes;
• Performed administrative tasks – insurance and software purchases/renewals, board meetings via teleconference calls since we are scattered across the country; renewed corporate registrations; added four new board members to name a few;
• Conducted a couple of fundraising drives for the care of Mojo and the removal of his eyes and for MaKaila and her collapsed trachea;
• And most importantly, under the wonderful talents and watchful eye of board member Leslie, assisted by most of the board members, took care of the TFTs that needed our help – to include conversations with shelters and owners about 50+ dogs, rehoming about half of them, treating a couple for heartworm; making the commitment to permanently care for a couple in hospice, and working with other rescue groups on a handful of dogs.

In 2018, we will transition to the newly elected board in January, set up committees for tasks and jobs required by TFTR, provide resources to our followers, hold our fundraising activities, offer clothing and other items with the new logo, and continue to care for and provide homes for as many TFTs as we can.

TFTR’s current board members, Leslie Greenwalt (WA), Dianne Clark (WA), Donnamarie Temple-Burgess (MN), Constance Haynes (NV), Lynette Purciello (CT), Amanda Sentelle (MD), Linda Wharton (IL), Michelle Tunnell (KS), Lorraine Dunsmore (RI), and Patty Blair (NH) want to thank each and every one of you reading this message for your continued support. Without each and every one of you who donate items to our auctions, buy the products we sell, participate in our contests, donate to our special fundraisers, share our messages, foster, transport and adopt our dogs, we could not continue the “work” we do for the breed we all love so very much ~ the Toy Fox Terrier.

May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, St. Lucia Day, Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, or whatever it is you and yours celebrate, and a blessed 2018. With love and appreciation for you all,


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