June 2018 President’s Message

Hi everyone, my name is Patty Blair and I am the President of Toy Fox Terrier Rescue (TFTR), a national, breed-specific dog rescue group, dedicated to helping Toy Fox Terriers and Toy Fox Terrier mixes across the country who need our help. While we would love to help all kinds of dogs (since we are all dog lovers and several of us own multiple breeds), we are set up to rescue TFTs. You may ask why only TFTs?

Well, for those of you who may not know our history, before TFTR was established, we were a rescue group working under the umbrella of the American Toy Fox Terrier Club (ATFTC), the parent club of the AKC for TFTs. In May of 2009, rescue became a separate entity and TFTR was formed by Patricia Land. When Pat passed away in January of 2013, it was decided to keep rescue going in her memory. I was elected President and have served in that capacity since then, with the help of some amazing women who volunteered their time as board members – Darielle Wiederrich, Dawn Sanchez, Dianne Clark, Leslie Greenwalt, Donnamarie Temple-Burgess, Michelle Tunnell, Samantha Spivey, and Kiersten Cremin. Each one left their mark on TFTR, left their mark on the dogs, and we will be forever grateful to them.

In addition to the past and present board members, we are so lucky to have a group of volunteers who have worked with us over the years fostering, transporting and fundraising. But more specifically, we have had some wonderful people choose to adopt one (or more) of our little ones, who have decided to open their hearts and homes to a little one in need. As a previous National Chair for rescue once said … you have earned your wings.

But like with all groups, time changes things. New faces come onto the scene while some other faces move on. The mutual love of the TFT remains constant and keeps this group going. We are all volunteers, no one is paid for this “work”. TFTR operates strictly on donations from you, from your participation in our auctions, for buying calendars, coloring books, and clothing, for following us on Facebook and for sharing our posts. Your generosity allows us to continue helping the TFTs. When we are low on funds due to high medical costs, we are faced with the decision on whether or not we can take on another dog. So many seniors are coming into rescue due to their owners passing away or surrendering them because they can no longer afford their care. We find ourselves limited as to how many we can help by the balance of our checkbook.

So, on behalf of my fellow board members, Amanda Sentelle, Constance Marie Haynes, Lynette Purciello, Lorraine Dunsmore, Linda Wharton, Chris Chrestay, and newly appointed board member, Laurel Huiras, we want to thank each and every one of you who support us and our efforts to re-home TFTs who need us. Thank you all,


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