Meet the TFTR Blog Volunteers!

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be introducing you to a few of our blog volunteers! We’re looking forward to sharing stories with you over the coming year, including blog meet and greets with TFTs seeking homes, updates on dogs that were adopted through TFTR, profile stories of our amazing TFTR volunteers and board members, and many more posts! Meet three of our TFTR bloggers:



Kiersten lives in Texas with her husband Mike and five dogs. She’s been on the TFTR board for a little over a year now, but actively involved with the rescue for several years!  Kiersten has three TFTR rescues – Maya (a fearful puppy mill dog), Audrey (a TFT mix rescued from a shelter); and Maddy (one of the Harris County/Houston dogs). She also has two other dogs – Irish (a 55 pound big sister to all of the TFTs) and Callie (a TFT rescued from a backyard breeder in Oklahoma). All five of the dogs keep them very busy, as they absolutely run the house.


Angela and Spike

Angela lives in Pennsylvania with her husband J. and their Toy Fox Terrier Spike. Spike has been their dog since August 2014, when they drove to Ohio to get him from someone who listed him on Craigslist. He is two-years old and absolutely adorable, he even has his very own Facebook page! Before Spike, they had Daisy Mae, Angela’s dad’s gift to himself when they lost her mom in 1997. Daisy Mae traveled a lot over the years, before spending her last years with Angela and J. She lived ’til the age of about 16.5.


Kasey and Abby


Kasey currently has two TFTs.  The oldest, Miss Abigail, will be 12 this March, she is Kasey’s bff.  She adopted her when her last child went off to college, yes, empty nest. Abby and Kasey love to go shopping together, and, she loves trips to sidewalk cafes.   Miss Itty Bit is 3 years old, a beautiful but very different wee dog, has more of a terrier attitude. Kasey also has two cats, two horses, and a lovely white dove (he was a rescue, too, picked up in a parking lot after almost being run down)!

Let us know what you or your TFT is thinking!