*ADOPTED* Mojo is home from surgery!

Mojo and foster mom jenny

Mojo and foster mom Jenny

*ADOPTED* Pupdate, sweet little Mojo continues to heal from his surgery with his foster family! His foster mom Jenny says that he is the sweetest little guy. Though he had both eyes removed during surgery, as well as 20 teeth, he just takes everything in stride and has the best attitude! A huge thank you to K9 Heelers and foster mom Jenny for all your help with Mojo!  To learn more about Mojo’s story in previous blog posts, click here.

Mojo is 6 years old, good with other dogs and kids, and no issues other than he loves to steal socks!  He is able to move around just fine using his other senses (though he will appreciate it if you don’t move the furniture around too much on him!). Mojo has so much love to give, don’t you want him to join your family?

If you think you could give Mojo a home or want to learn more about him, please contact us here! Learn more about our adoption process in our TFTR adoption letter! Click here to download an Adoption Application!

If you would like to donate to help Mojo, you can send a donation via paypal using tftrescue@yahoo.com, donate via our website, or donate directly to the vet where Mojo had his surgery – Bear Branch Vet Hospital in Woodlands, TX at 281-292-5000. If you do call the vet, please thank them for their support, they have very generously given us an amazing discount to help lower the cost of MoJo’s surgery.

Mojo and friends presurgery

Mojo and friends pre-surgery

Mojo healing postsurgery

Mojo healing postsurgery

Mojo and friends

Mojo with his foster siblings


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