National Volunteer Drive – May is Texas!

Hi everyone, I’m Kiersten, the TFTR volunteer coordinator! We’d like to build our volunteer network from coast to coast, so we’re kicking off May with a volunteer drive focused on some of our high need states. This month, we’re focusing on the big state of Texas (but if you live in another state, go ahead and let us know you’d like to volunteer, because we need volunteers in every state!). 

Please post a reply to here or send us a private message on Facebook, or complete a Volunteer Application and return it to I’ll then follow up to talk with you about how we can all work together to find loving homes for the dogs in TFTR! Volunteer opportunities include fostering, transporting, fundraising, grant writing, helping with administrative tasks, and more!

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  1. rosemary gramm on Reply

    a question: cn a TFT hunt and kill adult rabbits?so sorry about pat land; I have managed to keep my cavalier [now in stage 4 heart failure] going all this while, and I had a rat terrier. Susie is passed and I am overrun with rbbits, a disaster for a gardener of I acre.i would really like a TFT,but need a hunter.50 yrs ago, I did have a lovely little girl, Noelle, but I can’t judge from that . sincerely, rosemary gramm

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