Pupdate on Pippin!

Each month, we’ll be highlighting one of our 2017 Toy Fox Terrier Rescue calendar dogs and the first one is Pippin!

Sweet, little Pippin was wandering the streets when he was hit by a car in the middle of a highway in Florida. An amazing rescuer, Eleni, happened to see Pippin and ran out in traffic to pick him up. After they were unable to find his original owners, Eleni and her mom Marie reached out to TFTR to help find Pippin a home.

Pippin traveled from Florida to Oregon to be a foster dog in Cindi and Trevor’s home. These two wonderful people fell in love with Pippin and decided to adopt him! Everyone in TFTR enjoyed watching Pippin’s progress as he went through physical therapy, and though he will have life long health issues, Pippin continues to make progress every day and bring smiles and love to everyone! Isn’t he the cutest in all of his photos?

We still have some calendars left, you can purchase them by clicking here! Calendar proceeds go towards helping amazing dogs like Pippin find their forever homes!

Star Wars Pippin

Pippin Beach

Pippin and Family


  1. Doug and Michelle Schellhorn on Reply

    I really love the breed of dog. I’ve had two so far. One was hit by a car which took bmy breath away and still foes and its been 8 years old and my most recent just died of diabetes. I had her almost 9 yearsThey gave me life. I am disabled and they stayed by me and my husband like glue, especially me. The one that just passed passed 1-10-20at 9:45 and I’m crushed. She died at home in my arms on the floor. She moved her head to my cheek and took her last breath. I am still very much grieving but I’m possibly wanting another but not a puppy. Being disabled I need one potty trsined and some training.id prefer no younger than maybe age 2 maybe age 1 in right situation. Also, it must be dog friendly because we have another dog. I saw your site and thought I’d check you guys out.

  2. I live in Kentucky with my hubby, 2 rescue cats, a 8 month old sheltie and a 12 year old yorkie. My hubby had a toy fox terrier growing up and I have tried to find him one for years. Adopt don’t shop the only way to go

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