Pupdate on Shamrock and Ethel!

Ethel and Shamrock 2Shamrock and Ethel are loving life with their parents Heather and Shawn! We recently checked in to see how everything is going…

As you can tell by the photos, they are definitely snuggle bugs with each other and their mommy and daddy! They love going for walks and playing with their mountain of toys. These two cuties also love french fries! Sham loves his car rides, while Ethel is still a little nervous. Neither one is a big fan of bath time, but they are getting better with them.

Shamrock was one of five Texas dogs who went to Colorado for fostering, before he made his way to his forever home in Pennsylvania by flying first class with a United Airlines pilot back in March 2016! Ethel traveled from Indiana to Tennessee for fostering, and then made the trek to Pennsylvania to be Shamrock’s sister in December 2016.Ethel and Shamrock

Heather shared that they both clicked from day one and brought out special qualities in each other. Sham plays more, while Ethel is better with food. Sham wasn’t as social with other dogs until Ethel brought him out of his shell. As Heather said, “They are my babies, totally spoiled and they even give each other kisses before snuggles with each other.” Sham and Ethel are so lucky to have such a wonderful forever home!

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