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IMG_9752Ruckus is five years old and full of love, he would love to find his forever family and be adopted in the new year! He enjoys playtime, especially with his favorite toys, which include a squeaking lamb and an empty, plastic mayonnaise jar. Give him one of these and expect him to be occupied for at least half an hour! Ruckus is a UKC-registered Toy Fox Terrier who is originally from Napa Valley, so he is quite the gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life such as sun bathing, napping at your feet, and mingling with his canine friends.

He has spent some time befriending all sorts of other animals and people, including his veterinary care staff (he’s become a favorite!), two Boston terriers, cats, and even chickens. He did great with everyone! Ruckus is a well-mannered pup who knows his basic commands and how to sit and wait for his meals. He also goes to bed on time, right around 9 pm and is ready to start the day about 6 am. He is currently crate trained and enjoys having his own area to sleep in at night. Ruckus weighs approximately 13 pounds, is neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, and microchipped.


Ruckus is diabetic. Now, this sounds scarier than it is, so don’t let that discourage you! He will need to be on medication to continue to live a happy and healthy life. We can show you the ropes of giving him his medication and any other special care he may need. At 5 years old, this boy has a lot of pep and life left in him, so we know there is someone out there willing to give him his happily ever after. He takes his medication like a pro and will reward you with plenty of laughs! Ruckus has it all except a forever home. If you think you could give this boy a home or want to learn more about him, please contact us here!

Learn more about our adoption process in our TFTR adoption letter!

Click here to download an Adoption Application for Ruckus!

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We are doing a clearance sale on our t-shirts, sweatshirts and charm bracelets! Go to our TFTR Facebook page to see which items are available!16112926_699232026903923_385235838488339738_o

Each item available will be listed individually –if you want to buy that item you make a comment that says SOLD and that item is yours!

  • T-shirts are now $14.00 (plus shipping)
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Tatiana and PatEvery year in January, we honor the memory of Pat Land. Four years ago the rescue world…but especially Toy Fox Terrier Rescue, lost an amazing rescuer. The void of her loss has never been replaced. We continue the work of Toy Fox Terrier Rescue always with her spirit in mind. Please take a moment to remember her love of TFT’s and rescue. Pat you are forever loved and forever missed! We remember her passion and love of rescue by sharing some of the dogs she saved…

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Farley*ADOPTED* Meet Farley in New Jersey, this little cutie is looking for a forever family!

Unfortunately, Farley’s dad is ill and had to go into the hospital. Farley so desperately wants to be loved and cuddled! He is currently living with a foster family that has a small child, two dogs, and two cats (though he is terrorizing the cats, so a home without cats would be best). He is good walking on leash around the neighborhood and playing off leash at the dog park. And he loves playing and cuddling with kids!

Farley is 8 years old and is very friendly with people once he’s had some time to adjust. Farley doesn’t like to be left alone, so he’d be happiest if he could be your lap dog!

If you are interested in this long-legged cutie, please contact us here!  Learn more about our adoption process in our TFTR adoption letter!  Click here to download an Adoption Application!


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Each month, we’ll be highlighting one of our 2017 Toy Fox Terrier Rescue calendar dogs and the first one is Pippin!

Sweet, little Pippin was wandering the streets when he was hit by a car in the middle of a highway in Florida. An amazing rescuer, Eleni, happened to see Pippin and ran out in traffic to pick him up. After they were unable to find his original owners, Eleni and her mom Marie reached out to TFTR to help find Pippin a home.

Pippin traveled from Florida to Oregon to be a foster dog in Cindi and Trevor’s home. These two wonderful people fell in love with Pippin and decided to adopt him! Everyone in TFTR enjoyed watching Pippin’s progress as he went through physical therapy, and though he will have life long health issues, Pippin continues to make progress every day and bring smiles and love to everyone! Isn’t he the cutest in all of his photos?

We still have some calendars left, you can purchase them by clicking here! Calendar proceeds go towards helping amazing dogs like Pippin find their forever homes!

Star Wars Pippin

Pippin Beach

Pippin and Family


OPtee and Tiggern Facebook, we recently changed our cover page picture to honor two toy fox terriers that have passed away. Their owner Marge loved her dogs dearly. This past weekend was Marge’s 50th birthday (happy birthday) and her friends donated money in memory of her two sweet pups…she in turn donated $500 to Toy Fox Terrier Rescue in memory of Ptee and Tigger. We honor that donation and their memory with their picture to brighten our page. THANK YOU Marge and friends for the amazing donation. Sweet memories of Ptee and Tigger!



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We have the 2017 TFTR Calendars available so if you want 12 months of cuteness get your order in. Calendars are $19.00 and that includes the shipping within the 48 states. You can pay by clicking here and specifying TFTR calendar as the designated fund or via paypal (our paypal address is Please make sure to include your address in the comments field. If you need to send us a check please email us at Please help us continue our rescue efforts by purchasing a calendar and get 12 months of cuteness while you are at it! Thank you for supporting the Toy Fox Terrier Rescue!


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*ADOPTED* Hi, my nameLex 3 is LEX! I am a purebred Toy Fox Terrier.

I don’t really know exactly how old I am but it is somewhere between 8-10 years old maybe.Lex 6
I used to live with a really large bunch of other dogs all in one house. That has led me to have a few little issues and challenges. I am a bit of a wallflower when it comes to getting to know new people, but when I do finally know you, I’m a real snuggler! 
I really really want to have a person to love, I just don’t have much experience in doing it so I am not real good at it.  I know if someone would give me the chance and would help me learn I would be really good at it.
I have lived in a kennel type place for a lot of months now. They are really nice here and give me lots of love and teach me new things but I REALLY want my own home with my own family. I wouldn’t mind having a dog brother or sister and I don’t have an issue if you have one of those cat things. I really  think that a home with human children is not a good idea for me. New things still scare me and I don’t think I would do very good around them. PLEASE PLEASE look at my cute little face.
Do you think you can be my furever family? Right now I live in Texas but I can move if you want to adopt me.  It took mLex 2e a long time to believe that I deserve my own family but I now know that I am a good boy who deserves to have someone to love me. Please be my love if you can!  
Paws and Kisses, Lex 1Lex 5
If you are interested in more information about Lex please contact Toy Fox Terrier Rescue at
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Last week, we introduced a few of our blog volunteers and we’re continuing this week!

We’re looking forward to sharing stories with you over the coming year, including blog meet and greets with TFTs seeking homes, updates on dogs that were adopted through TFTR, profile stories of our amazing TFTR volunteers and board members, and many more posts! Meet two more Laura Lee of our TFTR bloggers:

Laura Lee has owned TFTs since she was a teenager. She adopted her first toy fox in 1981, his name was Petey and he went to college with her. The two were inseparable from the moment Pete arrived. In 1992, Laura added Heidi Belle as a friend for Petey who, by that time, was going blind. Jesse James came along in 1994 and in 1997 Pete-known as Papa Pete completed her TFT family. In 2010 Jesse passed away at the ripe old age of 17. Papa and Laura were torn. Papa was having a hard time adjusting to being alone, so Laura Lee set out to find him a friend. In 2011, she adopted Denver James who stole her heart. He helped Papa adjust, too, providing joy and relief for both. Vegas came in 2012 adding to the family. Last but certainly not least, Jackson joined the pack in 2013 from FritzFox Toy Fox Terriers. She had the privilege of being asked to foster for the Toy Fox Terrier Rescue, fostering Dillon and Rose in the past year. She loves being able to help bridge the gap between rescue and a permanent home.


Alaine has Alaine and Myaa re-homed TFT, Mya, that her daughter acquired almost 3 years ago. The original owner was moving and had to downsize her fur family. Their daughter Kristen, who was 18 at the time, had announced that she wanted a tattoo. Neither Alaine or her husband thought that was a good idea so after months of Kristen searching for the right tattoo….they suggested a dog! They already had a death row English Pointer rescue and a 5 year old black lab commonly called “the rug.” So the search began, and they started asking people if they knew of anyone who wanted to re-home a small dog. One day at work a colleague said my sister has a TFT and she wants to give her away. They went that night to see Mya, she was a 7 year old TFT who was so full of energy it was unbelievable!  She even had a tattoo on her belly. Several days later they picked her up and the rest is history.

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Over the next two weeks, we’ll be introducing you to a few of our blog volunteers! We’re looking forward to sharing stories with you over the coming year, including blog meet and greets with TFTs seeking homes, updates on dogs that were adopted through TFTR, profile stories of our amazing TFTR volunteers and board members, and many more posts! Meet three of our TFTR bloggers:



Kiersten lives in Texas with her husband Mike and five dogs. She’s been on the TFTR board for a little over a year now, but actively involved with the rescue for several years!  Kiersten has three TFTR rescues – Maya (a fearful puppy mill dog), Audrey (a TFT mix rescued from a shelter); and Maddy (one of the Harris County/Houston dogs). She also has two other dogs – Irish (a 55 pound big sister to all of the TFTs) and Callie (a TFT rescued from a backyard breeder in Oklahoma). All five of the dogs keep them very busy, as they absolutely run the house.


Angela and Spike

Angela lives in Pennsylvania with her husband J. and their Toy Fox Terrier Spike. Spike has been their dog since August 2014, when they drove to Ohio to get him from someone who listed him on Craigslist. He is two-years old and absolutely adorable, he even has his very own Facebook page! Before Spike, they had Daisy Mae, Angela’s dad’s gift to himself when they lost her mom in 1997. Daisy Mae traveled a lot over the years, before spending her last years with Angela and J. She lived ’til the age of about 16.5.


Kasey and Abby


Kasey currently has two TFTs.  The oldest, Miss Abigail, will be 12 this March, she is Kasey’s bff.  She adopted her when her last child went off to college, yes, empty nest. Abby and Kasey love to go shopping together, and, she loves trips to sidewalk cafes.   Miss Itty Bit is 3 years old, a beautiful but very different wee dog, has more of a terrier attitude. Kasey also has two cats, two horses, and a lovely white dove (he was a rescue, too, picked up in a parking lot after almost being run down)!

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