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Patty and MaxEach month, we’ll be highlighting one of our 2017 Toy Fox Terrier Rescue calendar dogs and our Mr. February is Max!

Max belonged to Patty, our TFTR President. He was a very special boy and taught her so many life lessons in the 7 years he was part of her life. Max was her very first rescue, she picked him up from a Humane Society in Maine when he was 7 months old. A neurologist in Maine diagnosed Max with Cerebellar Degeneration or Cerebellar Abiotrophy. With his debilitating disease, his life was not an easy one but they made the most of it.  His trips around the yard were done in the trailer attached to the lawn mower, and his trips around the lake were done in a cart Patty found at the consignment shop.  He didn’t walk well, and really not at all at the end, but he loved being on his bed with his toys, in the Xpen outside in the sunshine, or just plain snuggled up sleeping on his bed.

And Max just loved his big sister, Bailee the Boxer.  He slept with her on the couch and he stood over her as often as possible!  He didn’t like many people because he was so protective of himself with his disease, but he absolutely loved Patty’s family (her mom, dad, niece, and nephew). Patty says that Max taught her to never give up and to be happy with what we have been given. What a special and wonderful little boy, thank you for sharing his story with us, Patty!

Max & Bailee 12-07We’re having a flash sale on the very last few calendars for $14 – There’s only a limited number left, so buy them now!!! Calendar proceeds go towards helping our TFTR dogs find their forever homes!  You can pay by clicking here and specifying TFTR calendar as the designated fund or via paypal (our paypal address is Please make sure to include your address in the comments field.

If you’re interested in adopting a TFT of your own, we have a lot of amazing little dogs looking for their forever families. You can find our adoptable dogs here or on Petfinder!

Max 12-07Max & Scott2 06-08Colby & Max 12-07


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Laverne 4Laverne is a 9 year old toy fox terrier being fostered in Las Vegas, NV and is related to the Harris County Houston TFTs we placed last year through TFTR! 

Her foster mom says that Laverne is an absolute love who enjoys cuddling, playing with toys, and snuggling with you at night! Laverne is also quite the TV watcher, she would prefer to sit in your lap while watching your favorite shows. She is good with other dogs, but small children would be difficult for her as she is a little nervous.

This adorable floppy eared love bug spent most of her life with just one person and other dogs, so she is a little shy around new people at first, but is very sweet and will warm up to you once she feels comfortable. She would do well in a home with either a retired person or an adopter who works from home, as she loves to be with her people. Laverne is also a bit of an escape artist, so she will need a home with a very secure fence!

If you think you are the right family for Laverne or want to learn more about her, please contact us here! Learn more about our adoption process in our TFTR adoption letter! Click here to download an Adoption Application for Laverne!


Laverne 3


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Ethel and Shamrock 2Shamrock and Ethel are loving life with their parents Heather and Shawn! We recently checked in to see how everything is going…

As you can tell by the photos, they are definitely snuggle bugs with each other and their mommy and daddy! They love going for walks and playing with their mountain of toys. These two cuties also love french fries! Sham loves his car rides, while Ethel is still a little nervous. Neither one is a big fan of bath time, but they are getting better with them.

Shamrock was one of five Texas dogs who went to Colorado for fostering, before he made his way to his forever home in Pennsylvania by flying first class with a United Airlines pilot back in March 2016! Ethel traveled from Indiana to Tennessee for fostering, and then made the trek to Pennsylvania to be Shamrock’s sister in December 2016.Ethel and Shamrock

Heather shared that they both clicked from day one and brought out special qualities in each other. Sham plays more, while Ethel is better with food. Sham wasn’t as social with other dogs until Ethel brought him out of his shell. As Heather said, “They are my babies, totally spoiled and they even give each other kisses before snuggles with each other.” Sham and Ethel are so lucky to have such a wonderful forever home!

If you’re interested in finding your own snuggle bug TFTs, we have a lot of amazing little ones looking for their forever families. You can find our adoptable dogs here or on Petfinder!

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Mojo 1*ADOPTED* Exciting news, Mojo has been transferred to rescue as of this weekend!  He is staying at K9 Heeler for a bit before moving to a foster home.  We have scheduled him for his eye and dental surgery at the beginning of February. We are also going to try and get him a halo which will help him not run into things. The approximate cost for all this will be $1,000.

For those that would like to donate to help Mojo you can send a donation via paypal using, mail a donation, donate via our website, or donate directly to the vet where Mojo will have his surgery – Bear Branch Vet Hospital in Woodlands, TX at 281-292-5000. If you do call the vet, please thank them for their support—they have very generously given us an amazing discount to help lower the cost of MoJo’s surgery.

Mojo is 6 years old, good with other dogs and kids–potty trained–with no issues other than he loves to steal socks! Mojo’s previous family was unable to pay for his eye surgery (he has detached retinas). Though he will have both his eyes removed, once he has the surgery, he will be pain free and be able to live a happy life! He has already lost most of his sight, so he is able to move around just fine using his other senses (though he will appreciate it if you don’t move the furniture around too much on him!).   Mojo 2Mojo 3

If you think you could give Mojo a home or want to learn more about him, please contact us here! Learn more about our adoption process in our TFTR adoption letter! Click here to download an Adoption Application!

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IMG_9752Ruckus is five years old and full of love, he would love to find his forever family and be adopted in the new year! He enjoys playtime, especially with his favorite toys, which include a squeaking lamb and an empty, plastic mayonnaise jar. Give him one of these and expect him to be occupied for at least half an hour! Ruckus is a UKC-registered Toy Fox Terrier who is originally from Napa Valley, so he is quite the gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life such as sun bathing, napping at your feet, and mingling with his canine friends.

He has spent some time befriending all sorts of other animals and people, including his veterinary care staff (he’s become a favorite!), two Boston terriers, cats, and even chickens. He did great with everyone! Ruckus is a well-mannered pup who knows his basic commands and how to sit and wait for his meals. He also goes to bed on time, right around 9 pm and is ready to start the day about 6 am. He is currently crate trained and enjoys having his own area to sleep in at night. Ruckus weighs approximately 13 pounds, is neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, and microchipped.


Ruckus is diabetic. Now, this sounds scarier than it is, so don’t let that discourage you! He will need to be on medication to continue to live a happy and healthy life. We can show you the ropes of giving him his medication and any other special care he may need. At 5 years old, this boy has a lot of pep and life left in him, so we know there is someone out there willing to give him his happily ever after. He takes his medication like a pro and will reward you with plenty of laughs! Ruckus has it all except a forever home. If you think you could give this boy a home or want to learn more about him, please contact us here!

Learn more about our adoption process in our TFTR adoption letter!

Click here to download an Adoption Application for Ruckus!

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We are doing a clearance sale on our t-shirts, sweatshirts and charm bracelets! Go to our TFTR Facebook page to see which items are available!16112926_699232026903923_385235838488339738_o

Each item available will be listed individually –if you want to buy that item you make a comment that says SOLD and that item is yours!

  • T-shirts are now $14.00 (plus shipping)
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Tatiana and PatEvery year in January, we honor the memory of Pat Land. Four years ago the rescue world…but especially Toy Fox Terrier Rescue, lost an amazing rescuer. The void of her loss has never been replaced. We continue the work of Toy Fox Terrier Rescue always with her spirit in mind. Please take a moment to remember her love of TFT’s and rescue. Pat you are forever loved and forever missed! We remember her passion and love of rescue by sharing some of the dogs she saved…

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Farley*ADOPTED* Meet Farley in New Jersey, this little cutie is looking for a forever family!

Unfortunately, Farley’s dad is ill and had to go into the hospital. Farley so desperately wants to be loved and cuddled! He is currently living with a foster family that has a small child, two dogs, and two cats (though he is terrorizing the cats, so a home without cats would be best). He is good walking on leash around the neighborhood and playing off leash at the dog park. And he loves playing and cuddling with kids!

Farley is 8 years old and is very friendly with people once he’s had some time to adjust. Farley doesn’t like to be left alone, so he’d be happiest if he could be your lap dog!

If you are interested in this long-legged cutie, please contact us here!  Learn more about our adoption process in our TFTR adoption letter!  Click here to download an Adoption Application!


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Each month, we’ll be highlighting one of our 2017 Toy Fox Terrier Rescue calendar dogs and the first one is Pippin!

Sweet, little Pippin was wandering the streets when he was hit by a car in the middle of a highway in Florida. An amazing rescuer, Eleni, happened to see Pippin and ran out in traffic to pick him up. After they were unable to find his original owners, Eleni and her mom Marie reached out to TFTR to help find Pippin a home.

Pippin traveled from Florida to Oregon to be a foster dog in Cindi and Trevor’s home. These two wonderful people fell in love with Pippin and decided to adopt him! Everyone in TFTR enjoyed watching Pippin’s progress as he went through physical therapy, and though he will have life long health issues, Pippin continues to make progress every day and bring smiles and love to everyone! Isn’t he the cutest in all of his photos?

We still have some calendars left, you can purchase them by clicking here! Calendar proceeds go towards helping amazing dogs like Pippin find their forever homes!

Star Wars Pippin

Pippin Beach

Pippin and Family


OPtee and Tiggern Facebook, we recently changed our cover page picture to honor two toy fox terriers that have passed away. Their owner Marge loved her dogs dearly. This past weekend was Marge’s 50th birthday (happy birthday) and her friends donated money in memory of her two sweet pups…she in turn donated $500 to Toy Fox Terrier Rescue in memory of Ptee and Tigger. We honor that donation and their memory with their picture to brighten our page. THANK YOU Marge and friends for the amazing donation. Sweet memories of Ptee and Tigger!



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