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2015TFTRCalendar July

TFTR Miss July 2015

Closeout Sale on 2015 Calendars!

2015TFTRCalendar Bella

Bella loves the new TFTR 2015 Calendar!


Calling all Toy Fox Terrier lovers–2015 CALENDARS HAVE ARRIVED!!!. The cost is $8.00 plus $3.00 for shipping. We have a limited number so get your order in soon-first come first served. All of the dogs pictured within the calendar are rescued dogs that TFTR has place within the past few years! Get them quick–they won’t last long!






TFTR 2015 Calendar
TFTR 2015 Calendar
The first annual Toy Fox Terrier calendar of dogs that were placed by TFTR within the past few years. As of 2/9/15, we have 5 left in stock.

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Ruby is a sweet TFTR rescue dog looking for a forever home.  Ruby’s foster mom recently provided “a window into which you can see what I see…a blossoming, smart, and adorable little girl.”


Ruby came to us in April, one of four other Toy Fox Terriers that were flown from Florida to Denver.  I was so nervous and excited to see her for the first time in person.  Seeing her in a crate in front of the Delta baggage area of Denver International Airport made everything real.  I thought, “I will help save you little one.”  Ruby was one of almost fifty dogs in a hoarder’s home, a home that was not nurturing.


Ruby was terrified and would not come out of her crate when we first arrived home. She was dirty, thirsty, and would not move on her own. I gave her water, bathed her, and finally introduced her to my dog, Louis. However, whenever I got too close to her, she would cower and shake.


This went on for weeks.  I had no idea what to do. And then things started to happen.  I noticed, little by little, Ruby’s progress beginning with her coming within five feet of me for a treat. And then I found her doing everything Louis did.  If Louis jumped up on the sofa to give me a kiss or get a pet, Ruby jumped up on the couch.  If Louis would run to the door to go out, Ruby ran to the door to go out.


Ruby would never let you touch her, but she was acting more like a normal dog every day.  And then it happened.  I was outside reading on a lounge chair and Louis jumped up to be petted.   Ruby jumped right up after him and didn’t run away when my hand moved toward her.  She actually allowed me to pet her.  I was so moved, I cried a little.  I thought, wow, this was a momentous occasion!



Ruby5To make a long story short, Ruby now wags her tail…albeit an awkward, very purposeful wag.  She also fetches “babies” (i.e. toys).  Ruby loves to be petted, held, and especially walked on leash.  She loves her blanket on the couch and loves, loves, loves her brother Louis.


I hope I don’t miss out on another Ruby milestone: the kiss!  Ruby will smell your cheek and hands intently – I feel like it is going to happen any minute!  I hope that Ruby finds a good home…one with an understanding, loving, patient, and persistent family. I would love for her new family to be part of her next high point: the kiss!  Here’s a cute little video of Ruby —>  Video – Happy Ruby





Bidding begins Thurs., August 7 at 8AM EST thru Sun., August 10 at 8PM EST —LETS RAISE SOME MONEY FOR RESCUE!!

Take a look at our album of items we have and pick your favorite! Bid often!!! In Rescue Auctions it is ok to bid against your friend – your mom – your brother –they will understand— it’s for the dogs! HELP US HELP THEM!!! SHARE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS Here’s just few of the items that are available for auction, TFT paintings, jewelry, dog accessories, and even a quilt!  Take a look at all of the items available for bidding at and don’t forget, bidding starts 8AM EST Thursday, August 7th!

TFTR Jewelry Set TFTR Framed Picture TFTR Jewelry TFTR Paining TFTR Quilt TFTR Coach Bag

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Q&A with TFTR President Patty Blair:


In the first of a series highlighting our board members, TFTR President Patty Blair recently shared her insights on being involved with dog rescue.  She currently has two Toy Fox Terriers and one Boxer.

Ranmar's Perfect Player, "Tedy", (white and tan TFT) and Olivia, or Miss O (tri TFT rescue that Patty has had for 9 years)

Ranmar’s Perfect Player, “Tedy”, (white and tan TFT) and Olivia, or Miss O (tri TFT rescue that Patty has had for 9 years)

How did you first become involved in rescue and TFTR? 

I got my first TFT when I was in high school in the 70s.  As I got older, I wanted another but was living with Boxers so I didn’t think having a TFT would be possible.  Somewhere around 2003, I wrote to the National Rescue Coordinator for the ATFTC rescue program and volunteered my services.  The rest, as they say, is history.

I have been involved with rescue off and on since 2003 – active when I could be active, and taking breaks when I had too many dogs to be able to help new ones.  Part of being involved with rescue is making a commitment to a dog for its lifetime – whether that is with a dog that needs to be returned to rescue after placement for whatever reason or having to keep a dog that cannot be placed.  There came a point when I had 5 dogs that had issues and were considered special needs so I took an extended break.  When Pat Land passed away, I became more active in rescue and became the President of TFTR, where I am still serving.

What is the most fulfilling part of being involved in rescue? 

There are two things that affect me the most about rescue.  The first is that “sigh” you get from your foster dog telling you that he/she is comfortable in your home and feels safe, sometimes for the very first time in its life.  The other is when you see the joy that an adopting family has when they bring their new little one into their home.  I truly believe that the adopter needs the dog as much as the dog needs the adopter.

In what ways do rescue dogs enrich our lives?

Max "Maximoso" in his Moe Mobile

Max “Maximoso” in his Moe Mobile

My previous rescue dogs have shown me so many things – trust, unconditional love, the hope for a better future, and most of all, appreciation.  My very first rescue, Max, taught me to never, ever give up and to appreciate what life has given you.  I picked him up from a Humane Society in Maine. My first thought was for 7 months old, he sure is a large boy.  I then watched him walk and I knew something wasn’t quite right.  I was told he couldn’t do stairs but everything else was OK.  I tried to place Max in a new home but it became apparent he wasn’t a good candidate for placement so I made the decision to keep him.  Well, as time went by, Max got worse – he walked like a deer on ice, he ran like a bucking horse, he fell down a lot.  When he was hunting for the rodents he could smell underground, he would lie on his side and start digging – the dirt would be flying everywhere.  With a referral, I took Max to a neurologist in Maine who diagnosed him with Cerebellar Degeneration or Cerebellar Abiotrophy.  While the disease itself doesn’t kill, dogs in the wild cannot fend for themselves and find food, so they starve to death.  Domesticated dogs cannot be carried and are typically euthanized at about a year of age.  But, Max was small enough to carry so he went everywhere with help.  He rode in a netted grocery cart for his walks, he rode in a wagon hooked up to the riding lawn mower – his food and water was brought to him.  Finally, at 7 years of age, it was time for Max to go.  Max loved those he loved and was protective of himself with strangers.  He brought me such joy in the years he was with me.  But most of all, Max taught me to never give up and to be happy with what we have been given.  He knew nothing else.

Patty-Tedy-OlivaWhat is your vision for TFTR? 

My vision for TFTR is to be able to help every TFT in need without having to say no because we do not have the resources – either not enough volunteers or the financial means to help.  I am extremely proud of the growth we have shown in the 1.5 years since TFTR’s founder, Pat, passed away.  We will continue to help as many as we can in her memory.  I hope that by the end of my second term as President, I will be able to turn over an organization that is smoothly run, well known and highly respected.  We have a lot left to do but with the help of those of you who are reading this, we are on our way to accomplishing my dream.

Caring for and loving TFTs can make you laugh every single day by something they have done.  Once you have a TFT, you will never want to be without one again.


Patty, thank you for sharing your TFTR journey with us!  


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Carmen (OH)

Carmen (OH)

Carmen, one of our adorable TFTR dogs that is looking for a new home, would like to announce the winner from the May volunteer drive! Congratulations, Tamin, TFTR is going to send a little gift to you in the mail! 

For more information about Carmen, our other TFTR dogs, or on volunteering, please visit our website at

Thank you, Kiersten

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Kiersten, the TFTR volunteer coordinator here! We’d like to continue growing our volunteer network from coast to coast, so in June we’re going to focus on high-kill states like California, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania (but if you live in another state, let us know you’d like to volunteer, because we need volunteers in every state!).

Please post a reply here with your state, as well as send us a private message on Facebook so that we can share our volunteer app with you! You can also check out our new TFTR website at and download the forms there, too!

Volunteer opportunities include fostering, transporting, fundraising, grant writing, helping with administrative tasks, and more!

We had so much fun getting to know our May volunteers, we’re looking forward to talking with our soon-to-be newest volunteers in June!

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Hi everyone, I’m Kiersten, the TFTR volunteer coordinator! We’d like to build our volunteer network from coast to coast, so we’re kicking off May with a volunteer drive focused on some of our high need states. This month, we’re focusing on the big state of Texas (but if you live in another state, go ahead and let us know you’d like to volunteer, because we need volunteers in every state!). 

Please post a reply to here or send us a private message on Facebook, or complete a Volunteer Application and return it to I’ll then follow up to talk with you about how we can all work together to find loving homes for the dogs in TFTR! Volunteer opportunities include fostering, transporting, fundraising, grant writing, helping with administrative tasks, and more!

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