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As I sit here writing this, the holidays are over and 2015 is upon us. January 2015 marks two years since
TFTR, Inc.’s founder, Pat Land, passed away. We miss her terribly but her work continues.
As the current President of TFTR, I have to say this group runs with the amazing work of our VicePresident,
Samantha Dominguez, and our Secretary/Treasurer, Leslie Greenwalt. Together they are the
backbone of TFTR. They work tirelessly to help the TFTs in need and to keep this group going in the right
direction. I also want to mention Dianne Clark, who is always available to help us identify a dog as a TFT,
TFT mix, Rat Terrier, or something else. When we get pictures, we don’t always know what the little one
is and Dianne makes the answer much clearer. Then there is Kiersten Cremin who is our volunteer
coordinator. Most of our volunteers, and potential volunteers, have had the chance to “meet” Kiersten
so she is already familiar to you. We truly hope Kiersten will become an officer in 2015. We have also
recently offered the position of transport coordinator to someone and we really hope she accepts.
In addition to the above mentioned officers and members, I also want to give a big shout out to our
volunteers, the true heartbeat of rescue. If it wasn’t for the people who foster, transport, check out
shelters, donate items to our auctions, buy the auction items, buy the products we sell, make generous
donations throughout the year, and generally spread the word about TFTs in need, we would not survive
as a rescue group, plain and simple. There are not enough words to thank you for what you do for us
and our beloved Toy Fox Terriers.
In the past year, we held our first Halloween costume photo contest, conducted our 2nd annual auction,
sold our first calendar, sold our first t-shirt and hoodie, our Facebook following has grown by 1,000
(from 490 in December ‘13 to 1496 currently), and we have revamped our website
to name a few. Our treasury just about doubled in 2014. All thanks to our followers.
As we move forward in 2015, we are looking back in review in order to fix the things we didn’t do as well
as we should have and setting our goals for the upcoming year. We hope that you will continue to
follow us on Facebook and watch our website for our news and most importantly, for the dogs that
need our help. It takes a village to help as many TFTs as possible.
Thank you, again, for all of your support and dedication…

Patty Blair

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2015TFTRCalendar July

TFTR Miss July 2015

Closeout Sale on 2015 Calendars!

2015TFTRCalendar Bella

Bella loves the new TFTR 2015 Calendar!


Calling all Toy Fox Terrier lovers–2015 CALENDARS HAVE ARRIVED!!!. The cost is $8.00 plus $3.00 for shipping. We have a limited number so get your order in soon-first come first served. All of the dogs pictured within the calendar are rescued dogs that TFTR has place within the past few years! Get them quick–they won’t last long!






TFTR 2015 Calendar
TFTR 2015 Calendar
The first annual Toy Fox Terrier calendar of dogs that were placed by TFTR within the past few years. As of 2/9/15, we have 5 left in stock.

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Ruby is a sweet TFTR rescue dog looking for a forever home.  Ruby’s foster mom recently provided “a window into which you can see what I see…a blossoming, smart, and adorable little girl.”


Ruby came to us in April, one of four other Toy Fox Terriers that were flown from Florida to Denver.  I was so nervous and excited to see her for the first time in person.  Seeing her in a crate in front of the Delta baggage area of Denver International Airport made everything real.  I thought, “I will help save you little one.”  Ruby was one of almost fifty dogs in a hoarder’s home, a home that was not nurturing.


Ruby was terrified and would not come out of her crate when we first arrived home. She was dirty, thirsty, and would not move on her own. I gave her water, bathed her, and finally introduced her to my dog, Louis. However, whenever I got too close to her, she would cower and shake.


This went on for weeks.  I had no idea what to do. And then things started to happen.  I noticed, little by little, Ruby’s progress beginning with her coming within five feet of me for a treat. And then I found her doing everything Louis did.  If Louis jumped up on the sofa to give me a kiss or get a pet, Ruby jumped up on the couch.  If Louis would run to the door to go out, Ruby ran to the door to go out.


Ruby would never let you touch her, but she was acting more like a normal dog every day.  And then it happened.  I was outside reading on a lounge chair and Louis jumped up to be petted.   Ruby jumped right up after him and didn’t run away when my hand moved toward her.  She actually allowed me to pet her.  I was so moved, I cried a little.  I thought, wow, this was a momentous occasion!



Ruby5To make a long story short, Ruby now wags her tail…albeit an awkward, very purposeful wag.  She also fetches “babies” (i.e. toys).  Ruby loves to be petted, held, and especially walked on leash.  She loves her blanket on the couch and loves, loves, loves her brother Louis.


I hope I don’t miss out on another Ruby milestone: the kiss!  Ruby will smell your cheek and hands intently – I feel like it is going to happen any minute!  I hope that Ruby finds a good home…one with an understanding, loving, patient, and persistent family. I would love for her new family to be part of her next high point: the kiss!  Here’s a cute little video of Ruby —>  Video – Happy Ruby





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