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Dean-Quint-Adoption 6-7-14

Quint with his new momma Kari!

Dean, a tri-colored, 5 month old TFT/rat mix was saved from the Fort Worth Humane Shelter (TX). He was pulled by TFTR on the day he was supposed to be euthanized due to a simple kennel cough. We were lucky to have a group of volunteers including a puller, 2 different transporters, and a foster, who were able to get him to a vet as soon as he got out of the shelter for an examination and some meds and then on to his new foster home, Cheryl & Dean (yes the husband had the same name).  Dean was so scared, as he had gone through a lot in his short lifetime, but he grew to love his new found freedom! He started to come out of his shell by learning and loving to play with his foster siblings and of course loving cuddle time. His new mommy and daddy, Kari & Curtis, automatically fell in love with all of his photos online and immediately sent in her adoption application, completed the approval process and was excited to pick up her new furever dog! Dean was renamed Quint or Quin for short and has been spoiled silly with toys galore! Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers, contributors, and most of all Kari & Curtis for saving Dean’s life!

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