Meet the TFTR Bloggers, part two!

Last week, we introduced a few of our blog volunteers and we’re continuing this week!

We’re looking forward to sharing stories with you over the coming year, including blog meet and greets with TFTs seeking homes, updates on dogs that were adopted through TFTR, profile stories of our amazing TFTR volunteers and board members, and many more posts! Meet two more Laura Lee of our TFTR bloggers:

Laura Lee has owned TFTs since she was a teenager. She adopted her first toy fox in 1981, his name was Petey and he went to college with her. The two were inseparable from the moment Pete arrived. In 1992, Laura added Heidi Belle as a friend for Petey who, by that time, was going blind. Jesse James came along in 1994 and in 1997 Pete-known as Papa Pete completed her TFT family. In 2010 Jesse passed away at the ripe old age of 17. Papa and Laura were torn. Papa was having a hard time adjusting to being alone, so Laura Lee set out to find him a friend. In 2011, she adopted Denver James who stole her heart. He helped Papa adjust, too, providing joy and relief for both. Vegas came in 2012 adding to the family. Last but certainly not least, Jackson joined the pack in 2013 from FritzFox Toy Fox Terriers. She had the privilege of being asked to foster for the Toy Fox Terrier Rescue, fostering Dillon and Rose in the past year. She loves being able to help bridge the gap between rescue and a permanent home.


Alaine has Alaine and Myaa re-homed TFT, Mya, that her daughter acquired almost 3 years ago. The original owner was moving and had to downsize her fur family. Their daughter Kristen, who was 18 at the time, had announced that she wanted a tattoo. Neither Alaine or her husband thought that was a good idea so after months of Kristen searching for the right tattoo….they suggested a dog! They already had a death row English Pointer rescue and a 5 year old black lab commonly called “the rug.” So the search began, and they started asking people if they knew of anyone who wanted to re-home a small dog. One day at work a colleague said my sister has a TFT and she wants to give her away. They went that night to see Mya, she was a 7 year old TFT who was so full of energy it was unbelievable!  She even had a tattoo on her belly. Several days later they picked her up and the rest is history.

Let us know what you or your TFT is thinking!