Pupdate on Stretch!

Here at TFTR, we love happy tail pupdates! We recently caught up with loveable Stretch and his family… Stretch is a TFTR rescue dog that was adopted and now lives on a ranch with his dad, Bob, as well as Bob’s daughter, Marilyn, and grandkids, Julie and Joe. He came into their lives at the absolutely perfect time! 

Stretch and Bob, best friends!

Bob, had just lost his toy fox terrier of 13 years and he was absolutely devastated.  Not only did he cherish his beloved TFT, but it was the last living fur baby link that he had to his wife, Lila, that he had lost a few years before (after 58 years of marriage).

These two seniors hit it off immediately and Bob discovered a new purpose in life, loving and caring for Stretch!  Over the past year, they have become best buddies and are pretty much inseparable.

Stretch on the ranch

Stretch is Bob’s shadow and follows him everywhere!  They have a daily routine of taking a walk after breakfast, playing fetch with Stretch’s toys, then taking a mid-morning nap. After lunch they enjoy watching TV in the kitchen and Stretch enjoys snuggling in Bob’s comfortable arms.  They have an afternoon nap, take another walk, then have dinner.  There’s a fully gated yard at the ranch and Stretch has lots of room to roam and play. Stretch has his own little bed he sleeps in right next to Bob and if he gets cold, he goes under the covers.  What a wonderful life!

One of Stretch’s favorite things to do is visit the neighbor’s house and get treats from them at least 3 times a week.  Stretch also loves to go on car rides with the family and he has his favorite spot in the car that he can look out the window!

Bob and Stretch taking a nap together!

Stretch, Bob, Marilyn, Julie, and Joe, we are so glad that you found each other! Thank you for adopting through TFTR!

If you’re interested in adopting a TFT of your own like Stretch, we have a lot of amazing little dogs looking for their forever families. You can find our adoptable dogs here or on Petfinder!

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